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We know coaches are busy and don't want to waste time order 1 and 2 uniforms here and there. If you are done being the middle man you can send the athlete directly to us. After your initial team order has been placed we can add your uniform under "existing teams" this will allow your athlete to buy directly at team pricing. Team pricing is determined by the quantity ordered that year by the team. 

For example if your team ordered 50 singlets then you would pay $45 for youth and $49 for adult, based on team pricing. If you wanted us to set up your uniform under existing teams for your athletes to purchase as needed then the price will be the same as they were in the "team order". The only difference is that the athlete will have to pay for shipping. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like your team singlet added to our existing teams. 

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Existing Team Singlets