Where is my Order?

Where is my order?

We are very dedicated to our production timelines. We follow the exact schedule and don't ship a day early or late. Below are some key factors in our production schedule plus our holiday schedule.  

  • The production schedule is BUSINESS DAYS , that doesn't include weekends or holidays, Orders placed after 5pm PST, on a weekend or holiday will have an "order date" of the following business day. 

  • Production day 1 is the first business day after "order date". 
Example: Order is placed on Friday at 5:01 PST, this is after business hours and the "order date" would be Monday, the first business day of production would be Tuesday. 

Example: Order is placed Monday at 4pm, the first business day would be Tuesday. 

  • The web page that shows your uniform will indicate how many business days of production your uniform requires. Please look at your exact product you ordered as some items have different timelines. Some uniforms are given the option of standard production or expedited, the customer selects this at checkout. 

  • Upgrading to 2 business day shipping does NOT mean the order will be received in 2 business days. This just determines if your order ships using UPS ground or 2 business day shipping. 

  • Production timelines are followed exactly as per indicated, never finishing a day early or late. Please don't call to check order status, the status will never change from the timeline shown/selected on the "order date". 

  • Orders can't be changed or canceled after the order is placed. If an item offers expedited production and it was not selected at checkout it can't be added later. The shipping method can't be changed after the order is placed. Please make sure you count the production schedule based on your selections to make sure you will receive the item in time for your event. 

  • Orders ship the first business day after the last business day of production.

  • Tracking is emailed the following business day after the order ships. Customer service is closed on Fridays and Thursday tracking will be emailed on Monday.