Custom wrestling singlet, color, graphics, text, no minimums

Custom wrestling singlet, color, graphics, text, no minimums
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Singlet Superstore looks to provide the highest quality singlets with the best value in the market.  We use only Sublimation of the highest quality on our singlets to provide a durable and long lasting product.  Our singlets are custom designed by our in-house graphics team.  This allows you to have unique designs that are of the highest quality.  All our singlets are made in the USA with the highest quality standards.  Each singlet is build to your specific choices to make sure you are getting a one-of-a-kind item!  Because of this, all of our singlets are not returnable.  We do however stand behind every singlet we sell, and warrant against manufacturer defects.  Our goal is to ensure that when you win, you look good doing it! 

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a process in which uniforms are dyed with colors, logos, emblems, numbers, team names and player names right into the fabric during the manufacturing process. That means uniforms are shipped to you are already embellished in vibrant colors that will never crack or peel. They last longer, look, and perform better than any other team uniform.

How does this process work?

To order a custom item you will need to make all your choices through the interactive menu on the right hand side of the description.  You complete each section and then proceed to purchase your item. If you are providing the graphics to be used then you will email those to our graphics department as outline on your invoice.  Upon submission of any graphics or preferences on a custom item we will review your choices and provide you a proof.  A proof is image of your choices and how your item will look.  This image will be emailed to you for your review.  Upon approval of the proof by you the production will begin on your item.

Fabric Options:

- Standard Fabric is a lightweight moisture wicking stretch fabric that offers ultimate flexibility & performance. This option has a higher percentage of spandex and thus provides more stretch.

- Premium Heavyweight Fabric is a moisture wicking stretch fabric that offers superior durability and maximum performance. This fabric has lest spandex and is thicker providing least stretch but more compression.

Leg Gripper Options:

- Leg Grippers are rubber sewn into the bottom of each leg to help prevent ride-up during competition.  Note all singlets come with elastic in the legs, this just adds to the adhesion at the bottom of each leg and there is no up-charge for this option.

Primary Color:

-The primary color is the main body color of the singlet.  It is the predominant color that will be seen on your custom singlet.  Typically most requests we get are for a darker primary color.

Secondary Color:

-This color is the second most predominant color in the singlet.  It is recommended to go with a contrasting color to the primary to give the most effect.  Some choose to match the primary color and allow the accent to provide subtle detail in the singlet.

Accent Color:

-The accent color is traditionally used to help set off the primary and secondary if the colors are equally dark or light.  It is recommended to go with a light accent if the primary and secondary are of a dark or bold color.  Contrary it is recommended to go with a dark accent if the primary and secondary are light or subtle in color.  We sometimes get requests to match the accent color to the primary or secondary color to keep the singlet to a 2 color/tone look.

Customizable Graphic/Text Locations*:

-These locations allow for the application of either a graphic or text.  Please refer to the location image that identifies each location and assigns it a location number.  Please indicate at each location in the menu field what you would like for text or the name of the graphic you would like used.  We have hundreds of mascot/logos options available that we can provide or we can take an image you provide and easily add it to your singlet.  Our graphics department specialized in accommodating your requests based upon your images.  All we ask is that you provide an image of high quality with a minimum of 150 dpi in a .jpg format or preferably a vector image. Upon completing checkout please submit all images to our graphics department at within 2 business days of checking out.  Also remember to include your name and invoice number in the subject line.  If you would like to leave a location blank then please put “NONE” in the menu field. At Singlet Superstore we pride ourselves on helping each customer get the perfect custom singlet.  We have provided hundreds of custom singlets and we NEVER charge an art fee! 

*If no graphic/text is preferred you must enter the word “NONE” to proceed to checkout*


Please note that the production schedule doesn't start until after you approve your proof.

BUSINESS DAYS are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST

Standard production is 10 full business days, with shipping on business day 11.  Production starts the 1st business day after "order date". If ordered after 5pm PST the "order date" will be the next business days.  


Expedited production is 6 full business days, with shipping on business day 7.  Production starts the 1st business day after "order date". If ordered after 5pm PST the "order date" will be the next business days.



Shipping Time/Method*:

-STANDARD is UPS ground 3-5 business days with either UPS or FedEx



*All shipping times are in addition to production times.

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